Round 2

So we’re officially working with a new home study agency.  It’s wonderful that we found another one so quickly.  I’m trying to be really optimistic about that.

The new agency requires a lot more from us – including two additional references and applying for a lot of state and federal information that our original agency was handholding us through.  I’ve been working on paperwork for almost 3 hours now, and I feel like all of the words and ink are starting to blur together.

I just feel really discouraged today.  I’m worried the government shutdown will mean even more delays in just getting through the home study process because of the federal clearances we need.

Gathering all of the info we are in control of has been pretty easy.  Appointments are scheduled, forms completed, inquiries made.   But there is so much that requires local, state or federal government involvement.  We’re just stuck waiting.  And it will be that way until the very end of the US part of this process before we are stuck waiting on the Korea government side of the process.  So much waiting to be done.  We’ve barely even scratched the surface.

Anyway, we spent a few days in Chicago last week.  As we walked back to our hotel each night, we passed the US flag next to the Korean flag.  I just watched it wave, knowing that a year ago I wouldn’t have even been certain what country this flag represented.  And now I spend my time researching their history, traditions, culture, government, and longing to explore this land where my child was or will be born.



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