Pre-approval granted!

Some good news!

The very first step for us with our agency was to submit a short summary of our home study, a family photo and a paragraph about why we want to adopt to ESWS for pre-approval.  This isn’t required for every family adopting from South Korea, but we are using an out-of-state agency so it was necessary for us.

As of today, we are OFFICIALLY approved into the program!  That means even though we have been working diligently toward adoption for the last few weeks, today is the very first day we are legitimately able to move full speed ahead.

I’ll be getting the kids’ medical reports tomorrow.  Josh and I have our doctor’s appointments and pscyh evaluations next week.  We have completed the forms for out-of-state background checks (though I hear this is a painfully slow process), and we are re-doing our FBI/TBI clearances and fingerprinting with the new home study agency.

Our new agency requires quite a bit more adoption training in addition to our Hague training, so we are also going to get started on that.

It feels good to have something to do.

Just for fun, here’s the family photo we submitted for pre-approval:


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