Final Approval

It’s done in Korea! (Well, legally at least!)  We were granted Final Approval by the judge, which means we are Sam’s forever family in the eyes of the court!

This is a roller coaster of a day.  Obviously I am elated, ecstatic, overjoyed (screamed really loud in the car and hurt Josh’s ears when I saw it) with Final Approval.  It’s official.  He’s our son.

At the same time, we thought for sure we would receive notification of our Visa dates today.  And we just found out that’s not going to happen.  We desperately want to hop on a plane this weekend to go get our son.  The longer we wait, the more agonizing it feels.

So hopefully we are notified tomorrow.  This entire process is “hurry up and wait”.  And as much as I love our Korean agency, they handle visa dates differently than the other two Korean agencies.  It’s my only source of frustration with them so far, but it’s a pretty significant one.  Nothing we can do except pray and wait, so that’s what we will do as best we know how.

Please, please God.  Help us get our boy home before Christmas.  We are so very close.

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