Adoption Posts at NMB

Realized I never linked to the two adoption-related topics I covered at Nashville Moms Blog, so here they are!

A Boy with Three Mothers — An Adoption Story

Once upon a time, in a land far from my own, a baby was born to a woman in a mother’s home. Like most babies, he knew this woman’s voice and her scent. He shared her room and her DNA. He was her son, and she was his mother.

Today, I hold tightly to a single page of a short file. On this page is one paragraph with every detail I know about her. I long to know more, and one day, so will my son. She is his first mother. She is the one who carried him and protected him while he was knit together so preciously in her womb. In a different world, in different circumstances, maybe she would be his only mother. Even with my limited information, I think she would have loved him well. I think she has already loved him so very well.

She made one of the hardest decisions a mother can make – to let someone else have the privilege of raising this little boy.



Is Adoption Really Plan A?

November celebrates National Adoption Awareness Month, and as a prospective adoptive parent, I thought I knew what I wanted to write about:  Things I Didn’t Know Until I Started the Adoption Process.

There’s a lot about that I could tell you about . . .

How quickly you can fall in love with a child you’ve never met. The roller coaster of highs and lows you experience as you process your “paperwork pregnancy.” The hurry-up-and-wait feeling along every step. The absolute chaos of dealing with foreign governments. The pros and cons of fundraising. Answering weird and extremely personal questions. Considering the ethics of adoption — and so much more. There is A LOT I never could have really understood until we started the process in January 2018.

But what I kept coming back to over and over again during the month of adoption awareness is the idea that adoption is Plan A.


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