The days are long, but this year is short.

The quick version of this update:  We were submitted to court in Korea on 8/23/18.  Both birth parents were notified of the pending adoption and received those notices in early September.  So we now are waiting for the judge to assign us a court date so we can meet our baby boy face-to-face!

The long version:

Every step in this process feels increasingly long now.  I find myself checking for updates multiple times a day, only to fall asleep at night still praying for our sweet Sam and wondering what he’s doing today.

But in the grand scheme of things, this process has moved lightning fast for us.  I tend to focus on the immediate and forget the bigger picture.  I’ve been listening to “Remember” by Lauren Daigle lately, and it really is a beautiful reminder of how faithful God has been through every step of this journey.   I keep coming back to the same prayer:  Whatever brings you most glory, God.  

During the wait, we’ve sent two more care packages, but we aren’t sure they were received.  One of them had a USB drive with videos of us talking to Sam, so I’m really hoping those made it!  We will find out in a few days when we get his next update.

He’s definitely looking more and more like a toddler every month.  He’s still a baby to us, but I do find myself grieving the time lost.  However, there is so much beauty in the generous love of a foster family, and I’m not sad he’s experiencing that.  I’m not sad he has more time in his birth country and culture, forging bonds that hopefully he will carry with him forever.

We also took Jackson and Elliott on their first flights on a little weekend trip to Washington DC.  We wanted to give them some fun memories as a family of four before such a big life change, and we also wanted to see how they handled travel before we make a final decision on taking them to Korea.  They did well, but we’re still weighing the pros and cons.  Even looking at flights for November, we’re realizing taking the kids may not be super realistic right now.  If we don’t take them this time, we will certainly all go back when Sam is elementary-aged.

We’re reaching the final steps of this process now.  I haven’t given up hope of him coming home by the end of the year.  It’ll be tight, but it’s very possible.  Whatever brings God the most glory, whether it happens or not.

But I bought Sam a few Christmas presents already so I’m believing that it will.


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