EP Approval!

It’s happening!  We were really approved!

I was elated, but not suprised.  Last week, Josh hopped in his car and heard “Do it Again”, the song with the beautiful lyrics, “I’ve seen you move, you move the mountains.  And I believe I’ll see you do it again.”  That song has been dear to me, so he texted me to tell me it was playing and that it made him think of me and of Sam.

I’ve had such peace since that day.  As I mentioned previously, the wait suddenly made so much sense on by the end of the week.  And every day that followed, I saw at least one person wearing their Sam shirt as we were out and about.

This morning, I put on my own Sam shirt.  And after getting it all sweaty and gross for leg day at the gym, I picked up my phone and found the text telling me about our approval.  There has been jumping and dancing and squealing over the last hour for sure!

So what’s next?  We should be submitted to court in the next few days, which kind of puts us in the queue so to speak for a court date.  I’ll update more when that happens!

For now, I definitely need to renew my passport!

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