Sam’s developmental update!

We got Sam’s one-year developmental update, and it has absolutely made my day!  I was just sharing with friends recently that I love getting his photo every month, but I’m longing to learn more about his personality.  Prayer answered!

I don’t want to share too much and risk getting myself in trouble, but here are some things we are REALLY excited about in this update:

  • Sam is saying “mom” and “food”!  I can’t think of more perfect first words for a child in this family.  He will fit right in!
  • He loves mango, banana and rice cookies!  Just like his brothers!
  • His sleep schedule is a little unorthodox, but he does seem to be getting enough sleep!   We may have some REALLY long nights as we adjust back home (i mean, we are going to have some long nights in Korea too!) so be patient with us!
  • HE IS CRAWLING!   I am pumped.  So pumped.  AND he’s even cruising for a few steps at a time!  GET IT, SAM!
  • He loves baths!
  • He holds toys super tight if you try to take them out of his hands.  Is he ready for brothers or what?
  • And just because I think this is cute:  He likes to use a spoon, but only backward (like he feeds himself with the handle part), and he likes to bang the spoon on the table for fun.
  • He waves bye bye, shakes his head and points.

We are really, really excited about all of this.  He’s truly thriving with his foster mom, and we are SO blessed that she is taking such wonderful care of him!  I can’t want to meet her!

I also need to update about Sam’s party here in the US, the shirts coming in, his most recent photos, the latest care package we sent, etc., but time has gotten away from me lately.  I may end up posting a few times this week.

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