Last bit of paperwork

We received the i600 Notice of Transfer letter today!  I think I mentioned previously that the i600a was to approve us as a family to adopt, and now i600 approves Sam specifically.  Basically, this part of our paperwork goes to Seoul until our adoption is finalized in Korea.

Meanwhile, we are just waiting on EP Approvals!  Much like EP submission, there’s no set timeline for approval.  It looks like it’s usually 2 – 3 months, so we hope to hear something by early August (but preferably sooner!  I’m praying for mid-July).

I’ve also been assembling more care packages for Sam.  These are much smaller than his birthday package and are sent over with traveling families instead of by mail.  The next 3 will include:

  • 1 – 2 outfits
  • 1 toy or book
  • 1 baby-friendly snack
  • 1 foster family treat
  • 1 foster family local item (nashville stuff)
  • Pictures or video via flash drive

These all have to fit in a gallon size ziploc bag, so I’m having to pick smaller things hah!  For the next bag, I’m sending over a character from Super Wings.  Jackson and Elliott each got one too.  Can’t wait to see them all play together!


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