Sam’s “stats”

I finally took a minute to convert all of Sam’s height and weight info from the metric system!  Here’s my big boy’s chart so far!  Hopefully he doesn’t out grow the 12month clothes I sent him before they arrive hah!


Birth 6lb 9oz
1 mos 9.25lb 20.75in
2 mos 12.3lb 22in
3 mos 15lb 24.75in
4 mos 15.4lb 24.88in
5 mos 16.75lb 25.25in
6 mos 17.6lb 26.25in
7 mos 18.7lb 26.88in
9 mos 20.9lb 27.75in
10 mos 21.6lbs 28.75in
11 mos 22lbs 29in

I can’t even adequately express how thankful I am that Korea requires a medical visit every month for foster children and that they send us this info and his pictures while we wait.  I love knowing these things about him!

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