Just waiting

No news.  No updates.  Nothing.

The wait is super frustrating.

I was hoping we would have Sam’s monthly update by now since we got it on the 3rd last month, but still, nothing.

I have contacted the National Benefits Center twice now, and as of the last time, we still didn’t have a caseworker, so nothing.

I have items for a care package but need to clarify some details on how to send it, so waiting to hear back on that.  So basically nothing.

Nothing but thinking about our boy, wondering what he’s doing, wishing I could hold him.  Nothing but hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait.

I actually thought the next EP submission would have happened right now, so as of this moment, there is still hope that we will get USCIS approval in time for the next submission. That’s the silver lining to all of this waiting!  Still praying for big things, always, always, always.


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