All home study visits are DONE!

Our final home study visit was early Sunday afternoon at a Starbucks.  It was short and sweet, more of a formality and confirming everything rather than new information.

So now we wait!  This will be our default mode for the rest of this process — hurry up and wait.

After talking through the timeline more extensively, I am hopeful our dossier will be sent to Korea by mid-April.  If that happens and we hit the median timeline for everything remaining in the process and there are no curveballs or unexpected delays, we would bring third baby (I now use this term affectionately like a nickname) home in April 2019.  This is a very, very, very rough estimate and could change at any moment, but our agency thinks it’s reasonable to predict somewhere in that Spring/Summer range.

Right now, our home study is being written up.  It will get reviewed about 1,8031 times before getting officially printed and signed off on by the right people.  We do have a few documents we needed for our social worker that we now need to flip around to send to our adoption agency, so I’ll be wrapping that up this week.  We also have the i600a paperwork in hand so we can submit it as soon as our home study is complete.

Both boys are excited and talk about third baby frequently.  Jackson even prayed for his future sibling without prompting at dinner a few nights ago.  They are still torn on boy or girl.  Jackson still wants a brother named Batman, and Elliott wants a sister named Spiderman or Superman.  Jackson says he would also accept another little brother named Elliott.

Jackson asked me today if we went to Korea to get him too.  I told him no, that’s not how God brought him to us.  He didn’t ask any further questions.

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