A word from the Brothers

It’s so funny to watch Jackson and Elliott process what we try to explain to them about the adoption.  Because of their ages, we’ve been very careful about how and when we have shared details with them.  Right now, they know that we want to have a baby brother or sister by the time Jackson is 6-years-old, but we will have to go to South Korea to meet little brother or sister and bring him or her home.  We have discussed how some babies grow in a mommy’s tummy, and some grow in a mommy’s heart, but either way, all of our kids are immensely loved and special to us.

We really didn’t start explaining this until a couple of weeks ago (around the time I started this blog), so they definitely haven’t wrapped their brains around it yet.  We’ve started reading two books:  I Love You All the Same and My First Book of Korean Words    Both are really cute and help open the door for adoption conversations naturally.

Anyway, I wanted to take a moment to jot down a couple of stories that show kids catch on to more than we think and to show how God is preparing their little hearts for a new sibling.


In mid-December, we visited Chattanooga to celebrate Elliott’s second birthday.  While we were there, we also made a quick stop at Ruby Falls to do their Christmas Underground experience.  Basically, the kids follow a cute tunnel through a cave, help “joy” miners, and find Santa at the end.  Santa gives each child a small stone to be redeemed later for a special Christmas wish.

Both of our boys went to the wishing well area ready to trade their stone for a wish.  Elliott went first.  And as usual, he asked for candy.  Jackson went next, but he didn’t say his wish out loud. We asked him what he wished for, and without missing a beat, he replied, “A baby brother.”  I flipped around wide-eyed and asked Josh, “Did you tell him to say that?!”  He hadn’t, so we were both equally stunned and amused.  Just one more little confirmation in our hearts that the time for adoption is now.

Jackson is extremely excited about getting a sibling and asks me occasionally, “Can we go get my baby brother or sister after nap today?”  Patience is not his strong suit (or mine!).


Today, Elliott was a little cranky before nap, so I took an extra few minutes to snuggle with him and Jackson in Jackson’s room.  This always calms everyone down and puts smiles on both boys’ faces.

After a few songs, I told Elliott it was time to go to his room.  He instantly began crying.  I asked why, and he told me, “I want my baby brother!”  Without thinking, I replied, “You don’t have a baby brother.  You have a big brother.”  With more insistence, Elliott cried back to me, “I WANT MY BABY BROTHER.”  I couldn’t help but smile this time and think, “Me too, buddy.  I want your baby brother or sister too.”

Elliott actually usually requests a sister.  He’s been watching too much Daniel Tiger, I think!

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