And we’re off!

After weeks of discussions and decisions, we officially mailed in our pre-application and formal application to our agency today!  We also mailed our official home study application!

So far, we have pulled together everything we can possibly pull together on our end in terms of paperwork.  We’ve been fingerprinted for an FBI clearance, and we have scheduled the appointment for our psychological evaluation.

Next week, I’ll be getting Elliott’s last set of shots so I can get both of the kid’s vaccine records and pediatric reports.  We’ll also be picking up a copy of Buddy’s most recent vaccination records.

So the things that remain for our home study include: our own physicals (trying to find a doctor with a short wait since it can’t be completed by a nurse practitioner or PA), our local criminal check, receiving the certified copy of my birth certificate, passing state background checks (takes a while apparently), a couple of documents from Josh’s work, and our Hague training (starting it tonight).

I wish I had taken a picture of us to document the official first step, but to be honest, we were just trying to rush to get everything done in time in case the post office closed for snow!   According to USPS, applications should arrive at their destinations on Thursday and Friday.  Hopefully, my next update will be celebrating our approval by ESWS and our official acceptance into the South Korea program with our agency!


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